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Networking skills the key to job search success

Jennifer was highly educated and had years of work experience as a Chartered Accountant with a prestigious firm.  But in today’s competitive job search marketplace, sometimes that isn’t enough to make you standout in the crowd.

“I just felt I needed a change. I wasn’t happy in my current role and wanted to look for new challenges and opportunities. But I was having a lot of difficulty finding available positions that were suitable for my level of education and experience.” Jennifer was looking to take her career in a new direction, but realized she needed an experienced partner to help her navigate through the often complex job search process.

“When I first started working with Capstone Career Solutions, what really surprised me and interested me at the same time, was the fact that they really wanted to make sure that I was the right candidate for their services. It wasn’t simply a matter of me signing up and paying my fees, they wanted to make sure that I was a good candidate and would have success. It actually took a couple meetings for them to decide if I was eligible or not. We had to determine if it was a good fit for both of us. I liked that.”

From learning the proper approach to writing an effective resume and cover letter - to discovering the importance of networking – Jennifer quickly realized that working with Capstone would have a significant impact on her job search success.

“We covered information on writing a better resume and cover letter and I did find this very helpful because I felt that the product I ended up with – my new resume and cover letter templates - were much better than what I had before. They were very unique compared to what I have seen before and really stood out.  The whole process made me step back and really look at my accomplishments over the years and the different skills I have – something I probably wouldn’t have done without their help. But the biggest thing I needed to learn was the value of networking. That was something that used to really terrify me.  It was a huge thing for me to get over that fear, but it was really the only way I was going to find the job I was wanting. And in the end – that was what made the difference for me. It boiled down to me getting out there and meeting people and telling them exactly what I was looking for.”

In addition to learning these new skills and strategies, Jennifer also found having access to Capstone’s extensive job postings to be both convenient and an excellent resource.

“Having access to Capstone’s job postings was very valuable.  It made looking through the various listings much easier. Before, I was spending so much time looking through the various job posting sites like Monster, Workopolis, Knighthunter and countless other sites. It was just so easy to type in a couple key words, because my job search was so specific – and all the new postings would be sent to my email inbox every day. Rather than spend hours every night going through these websites, postings were waiting in my inbox every morning. It was a very useful tool. Depending on the type of work you are looking for – it could be even more valuable. The capabilities and level of knowledge and professionalism are both very high at Capstone. Overall, I am very satisfied that I was able to achieve all my career goals.”



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