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Uncover Your True Calling
Identifying your personal skills and qualifications is an important first step towards determining a career path. A Capstone career advisor will help you perform an objective analysis of your unique qualifications, as well as perform a full assessment of your personal strengths and weaknesses. This evaluation will become an essential part of your job search portfolio as it will provide you with an objective overview of your personal potential.

Career Consulting Will Help You Achieve Your Employment Goals
After reviewing your personal appraisal, a Capstone career advisor will help you focus on finding immediate employment in a position that best suits your current skill set. As a client of Capstone’s career consulting services, you are granted full access to our library of professional job search tools, as well as our complete database of employment listings. It is our goal to ensures that every one of our clients has the proven strategies and resources needed to find fulfilling employment fast.

Revamp Your Resume to Secure an Interview
Think of your resume as a personal advertisement to a potential employer. A well-written resume will grant you an interview; a poorly-written resume will often end up in the wastebasket.  At Capstone Career Solutions, our team has more than 100 years of experience writing professional resumes that get noticed. Our advisors will help you compose a clear, concise resume that promotes your unique abilities, communicates your immediate objectives, and ultimately, helps you secure an interview.

Learn Career Advancement Secrets
Climbing the corporate ladder takes more than just hard work; it also requires planning, preparation, and persistence. If you’re ready to start moving up in your office, now’s the time to consult with Capstone Career Solutions. Our advisors will help counsel you on how to improve interpersonal relationships, expand your personal network, and discover hidden career paths.

Network Your Way into an Interview
When it comes to job hunting, it’s not just what you know, but who you know. As a client of Capstone Career Solutions, you’ll be privy to our extensive network of corporate contacts. Our staff will help you establish a connection with the “right people” at these organizations, opening the door to unadvertised opportunities.

Make a Great First Impression at an Interview
The biggest mistake that job seekers make in an interview is not being fully prepared. Proper preparation can often be the difference between a letter of rejection and a job offer. A Capstone career advisor will work with you to create a personalized interview strategy, complete with mock question and answer sessions. Topics covered include how to negotiate a salary and benefits, how to deal with questions of a personal nature, and proper follow-up protocol.

Turn Interviews into Job Offers
Employment interviews are stressful; you have just one shot to make a good impression and convince a potential employer that you’re the right person for the job. Knowing how to handle your nerves in this type of situation is extremely important. A Capstone career advisor will teach you how to stay focused in an interview, how to keep in control of the conversation, and how to explain your weaknesses in a positive manner. You’ll also learn proper telephone techniques, e-mail etiquette, and how to write an effective interview follow-up letter.

Choose the Opportunity that’s Right for You
Not every job offer is worth accepting. Before you sign on the dotted line, take the time to reassess what’s important to you. A Capstone career advisor will help you examine each opportunity to determine which one fulfills your unique needs and objectives. An advisor will also answer any questions you might have concerning the job offer, clarify details associated with benefits packages and salary rates, and provide you with an in-depth analysis of the company’s projected future growth.

Develop Your Skills and Stay Focused on Career Advancement
Once you’ve accepted an offer, it’s time to start planning your future goals and objectives. Our advisors will help you review the responsibilities associated with your new position, and provide you with a detailed plan for advancement. This proactive approach will help you stay focused on your future and motivate you to achieve long-range objectives.

Become an Asset to Your Employer
Learn how to leverage your skills in a way that makes you an irreplaceable member of your new company. Capstone career advisors will help you learn how to capitalize on your unique skill set, strategize ways to ensure career advancement, and develop your income potential. You’ll also learn how to prepare for common employment hurdles including mergers, acquisitions, and foreign competition.   

Customized Support and Individual Opportunities
At Capstone, we understand that every career is unique. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering personalized career consulting services. Our advisors will work with you to create a customized employment plan geared to suit your unique skills, interests, and goals.



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