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How happy are you in your current career?

If you are like most people, you probably ask yourself this question now and again. There’s nothing wrong with expecting more from yourself and your career, but what makes one position more desirable than the next? It’s certainly not all about the money.

Here are a few points to ponder to help you decide if you could be accomplishing more and experiencing more enjoyment in your career.


This requirement involves having sufficient challenge in your job to call upon the greatest portion of an individual’s skills and abilities. You should be happy in what you are doing, as this happiness has a direct impact on your home life. It also has a direct relationship with your own feelings of success and self-worth. And speaking of success, why is job satisfaction so important?

A person that goes to work every day feeling motivated and enthusiastic will be 100% productive. However, someone that goes to work to just to earn a pay cheque is lucky to work at 60% productivity and in general, spends more time at work on top of this. Only when you attain a position that offers complete job satisfaction will you be able to maximize your productivity to achieve your desired goals including recognition, promotions and income level.


There are two kinds of growth to consider:

  • Your continued growth as an executive or professional in reaching your own optimal level of skill, potential and self-actualization.
  • Growth of personal authority and responsibility – which needs to evolve in relation to your changing needs to avoid boredom and plateaus.


In order to have an overall positive and productive life, you need three things:

  • Being part of a community where you feel comfortable and you and your family are happy in turn has a direct impact on your work environment.
  • Being part of a work environment that is supportive and positive. This should include sharing in the company philosophy, corporate culture and interpersonal relationships.
  • Satisfaction in the financial rewards you receive (without making this the top priority).
Keeping in mind that without job satisfaction, a positive work environment and opportunities for career and personal growth, simply making more money will not make you happy. A job is just a job, but a career position that keeps you motivated and enthusiastic is the key to long term career satisfaction. To find our more, contact Capstone Career Solutions to get your career back on track!



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